Master's Degree Program

Preparing the next generation of analytics professionals.

The prospect of good jobs in this area is a major influencer in terms of pursuing a data analytics degree. Our grad students go into banking, pharmaceutical, medical research and a wide variety of careers. Alan Elliott Director, Statistical Consulting Center, Department of Statistical Science Southern Methodist University

Bridge the gap between the supply of and demand for analytical talent by developing a master's degree program using SAS®.

Benefits of Working with SAS

  • Teach students the skills they’ll need to pursue a lucrative career with the tools and support to advance learning and knowledge for the digital age.
  • Help students gain a competitive advantage in the job market by giving them the No. 1 analytics skills employers are looking for.
  • Attract top students who are looking to secure their future with marketable analytical skills.

Criteria for Developing a Program

  • Program analytical courses must use SAS software, though other software may also be used.
  • The program must offer capstone-type courses and provide students with opportunities to use real data.
  • Courses can include SAS teaching materials, which are provided free of charge.
  • Program development may take place over a period of time.

Featured Universities

Dursun Delen, PhD, a business professor at Oklahoma State University, discusses what the analytics skills gap means to him.

Find out how Robert McGrath, Everett B. Sacket Associate Professor and Director for Graduate Programs in Analytics at University of New Hampshire, thinks students benefit from learning about analytics.

Learn why Alan Elliott, Director of the Statistical Consulting Center in the Department of Statistical Science at Southern Methodist University, chooses to teach with SAS.

How do I get started developing a master's degree program?

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