Top 10 articles of 2015

By Anne-Lindsay Beall, SAS Insights Editor

The Internet of Things, Hadoop, data scientists – which topics were the most popular with our readers in 2015? Take a look at the year’s top-viewed SAS Insights articles -- and find new ideas and perspectives to take you into 2016.

1.  Tracking down answers to your questions about data scientists

Data scientists (“the sexiest job of the 21st century” according to Harvard Business Review) are highly courted and well-paid by organizations of all sizes. Find out why – and why you need them on your team.

2.  Charlie Brown’s teacher speaks Hadoop

Ever felt like you and your big data specialist were speaking different languages? In this article, you'll learn how a non-geek can speak big data.

3.  Hiring? We have the data scientist interview questions you need

You’re hiring a data scientist, but what will you ask in the interview? And how will you evaluate skills? Start with our data scientist interview questions.

4.  Amplify your career with analytics

Interested in a career in analytics? Here are the questions you need to ask yourself, the first steps you need to take – and obstacles to avoid.

5.  Big data and the Internet of Things: Two sides of the same coin

The concepts of big data and the Internet of Things are converging. Tamara Dull explains the relationship between the two terms.

6.  Four themes running through the BCBS 239 principles

For large global banks, adherence to the Basel Committee’s principles offers clear benefits, but implementation can present major technology and governance challenges. Understanding BCBS 239's four themes may aid in compliance.

7.  Six big data dos and don’ts

Social data. Streaming data. Unstructured data. What are the dos and don’ts for dealing with all these new big data sources? Research reveals six best and worst practices for analyzing big data.

8.  Seven characteristics of the modern consumer

In this article, you'll find out what leaders from eBay, Chico’s and Brooks Brothers have to say about today’s shoppers – and how to market to them.

9.  Big data integration: Go beyond just add data

Every business-focused technology requires users to "just add data." This article by Matt Magne explores why that's much easier than it sounds, especially in a big data age.

10.  Five steps to agile digital marketing

How do you get your marketing messages heard above all the digital noise? By speaking to each audience segment differently. If you’re ready to go agile, start with these five steps.


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