Ragnar Røkke

Ragnar Røkke

Regional Head of Communications,
Retail & Services

With his team of 25 specialists across the Nordics, Ragnar and his team is dedicated to helping industries that are modernizing by the need to deliver new and better products and services in a new digital age.

This involves finding the right mix of technologies and strategies to help pave a path toward continued profitable growth. The need for focus on their big data strategy and deliver analytics and new ways of reaching and serving the customer are core parts of the CRS team across the region.

“These industries have all seen huge disruption to their business models and have to find new ways to drive innovation and tap into the new needs of their customers. With the old business models changing, you need to do thorough analysis of your client insights to find the new revenue streams and stay relevant. If you don’t, you will either lose your customer or lose money keeping them. We help our customers forward in their journey of digitisation and modernisation by giving them the Power to Know,” Ragnar says.

Tapping into customer data to create inspiring customer experiences and tailored offerings will help retailers create unique offers and analyse all relevant data to discover trends ahead of the competition. From CRM information to billing data and social media messaging, companies need to get intimate with the lives and wishes of consumers and business customers alike. SAS helps them do that through insight and predictive analytics.

Ragnar has spent a total of 10 years at SAS. Prior to his current role, Ragnar led the EMEA/A-P Energy Business Unit with record growth number. Ragnar has also had various director titles for SAS Norway and have won several Presidents Club honours, an internal SAS award.

From 2006 to 2008, Ragnar served as country manager for Cognos and led the Norway office during its merger with IBM. He also served in the management group of IBM Software Division before re-joining SAS in 2009.

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