Pernille Hertel

Director of Customer Advisory, Nordics

When SAS customers need guidance on the best solutions for their business challenges, Pernille Hertel’s team is there to advise them. The Customer Advisory Team consists of technical experts who have a keen understanding of the business or organizational dimensions of the clients’ operations. They also know how to read the market and help future-proof clients’ investments and long-term technology strategy.

Pernille Hertel sets the direction for the pan-Nordic team at a crucial time in SAS’ Nordic development.

“SAS is in a transformation alongside our customers. Cloud, AI and other significant trends are influencing both how we deliver our services and what the clients are needing counseling on. Data and analytics are becoming household words across business sectors, and we need to be on the absolute forefront of development. It is an exciting time to be part of the Nordic digital economy”, says Pernille Hertel.

Before joining SAS, Pernille Hertel has held local, European and global roles in the software industry, most recently at IBM.

“I find that I thrive in a Nordic setting. Although we are different across the countries, we also have so much in common and I like the closeness to my team and the clients. I enjoy my job the most when I have the opportunity to connect with customers and discuss their projects,” she said.

Pernille Hertel is in it for the long run – both at work but also when she spends time training others and participating in long-distance runs, including several marathons across the world. She is married and has three children.

Pernille Hertel, Director, of Customer Advisory, Nordics

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