Ola Ringström

Industry Leader of Financial Services Markets
Country Manager, Sweden


Ola Ringström is Country Manager role for SAS Institute Sweden and Industry Leader of Financial Services Markets in the Nordics. He heads up a team of 38 business and technical experts within banking. The financial sector is one of SAS Institute’s largest client groups, counting all the largest Nordic banks and major insurance companies.

“Financial services are seeing tremendous changes sweeping their industries due to digitization – but digitization and an analytical approach also presents a huge opportunity across the Nordics. We can help our customers in the banking sector seize the opportunities hidden in data and use their knowledge of customers to create unique experiences. At the same time, compliance and risk management continue to be major concerns for financial institutions, and at SAS, we have both the software and know-how to ensure that a customer-centric approach is still fully compliant with regulatory demands as well as with the demands of internal audiences”, says Ola Ringström.

Ola Ringström brings decades of experience from the software industry to SAS. Before joining SAS Institute, Ola has worked in senior positions with Qliktech, Oracle and Hyperion, among others.

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