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Three B's of Marketing: Be Relevant, Be Social, Be Real Time

Insights from a webinar in the AMA Marketing Effectiveness Online Seminar Series, presented in association with the American Marketing Association and SAS

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In a culture driven by mobility, the Internet and free choice, customers are more personal and immediate than ever, yet more elusive and disloyal than ever. They can so easily click to buy – or to jump to the competition. And they have more power to influence the market at large. As a result, marketers are pressured to perform better in three Bs: Be relevant (deliver offers that are spot-on in terms of content, timing and channel); be social (capitalize on social media as both a source of inbound intelligence and outbound communication); and be real-time (take the very best action for each customer at that moment in time through the right channel). In a webcast co-hosted by the AMA and SAS, Denis Pombriant of Beagle Research and John Bastone of SAS discussed why this is so critical now, and six key ways analytics can empower marketers to succeed. This paper provides highlights

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