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Targeted Integrated marketing
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Targeted Integrated Marketing

Master the customer journey to achieve a winning edge

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Marketing is no longer about creating a flurry of activity– it’s about orchestrating customer interactions that deliver ROI. It’s not about reaching everyone – it’s about reaching the right ones. And it’s not about creating just one great customer experience – it’s about managing the complete customer journey to build loyal and profitable relationships for years to come. Most of us readily acknowledge that customers are the center of our world. We want to understand them better, make them happier, and keep their business. So why do our strategies sometimes fail? As marketers, we need to look beyond a single customer experience, because while one touch point matters, what matters even more is a customer’s complete, cumulative, end-to-end journey. Winning organizations are capitalizing on opportunities that come from every interaction a customer has with their business over the duration of the relationship. They’re using analytics to support key junctures throughout the journey, to ensure the customer receives a consistent, personalized and compelling experience no matter the interaction or channel. Every journey begins with the first step. I invite you to learn more about how analytics can support your marketing efforts to manage the customer journey and give you the results you want. As you flip through this booklet, take a minute to imagine how your business could change if you truly understand what makes your customers happy.

Jim Davis
Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, SAS

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