Training for the SAS Citizen Data Scientist

Easy to use Analytics for Business Users

Transform the way you discover, analyse and present data.

The demand for data scientists continues to grow beyond supply, companies and organisations are looking for solutions.

As a result Citizen Data Scientists are emerging from within the business analyst community. They combine the skills of traditional business analysts with some of the expertise of statisticians. SAS has developed a unique curriculum to specifically address their training needs.


Data Science for the Business User - check out the schedule

Data Science for the Business User

5 day program

A unique curriculum especially developed for the Citizen Data Scientist

Jump Start

Learn to apply insights and create a real and lasting impact. Refresh your statistical knowledge and gain a deeper understanding of the relationship between Big Data Analytics and the hybrid role played by the Citizen Data Scientist within an organisation.

Gather, Analyze and Visualize your data.

Make sense of complex data. By putting into practice the easy-to-use features of SAS Visual Analytics and SAS Visual Statistics we will show you how you can make smarter, data-driven decisions – without coding.
Gain the skills and expertise to use these tools to explore data, design reports, prepare data and build analytical models.
At the end of the course you will be able to quickly surface insights hidden in vast data stores. Uncover opportunities your competitors miss. Find new ways to grow revenue. Powerful, predictive analytics and visual data discovery will enable you to do more with data than ever before.

Case Study

You will be able to put your knowledge into practice with real-world scenario based examples.

Become an Analytical Company

Building a data science team for your organization is not as easy as hiring the right data scientist. It is much more about understanding the culture and individual nature of your organisation and ensuring the right people are equipped with the right skills and strategically placed so they pro-actively deliver actionable insights. We have a team available who can help you with your data science readiness.


Training Needs Assessment

If required we can arrange a call or schedule a meeting to discuss your individual training requirements and help define the training needs of your team.

Contact us for more details.

Are you keen to innovate and eager to learn new methods and use new tools?  

Tired of looking at the same old reports and eager to get your hands on the data yourself to find answers to your question? Do you often think, "I don’t want to ask a statistician. I want to try it myself. How could I get at the answer?"

Then, our 'Data Science for the Business User' program is for you.

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