Performance Management

Don't just manage performance – improve it.


Control costs without sacrificing growth.

Given the nature of current incentives (meeting quarterly or annual targets), the challenge is to meet short-term targets while preserving strategic growth initiatives.

Understand what drives cost and value.

Without this understanding, managers are unlikely to allocate resources appropriately and know where to make improvements. At best, it may generate suboptimal results; at worst, it could inadvertently and irreparably destroy value.

Improve agility.

Organizations that can identify opportunities and threats more easily than their competitors, understand the implications, update strategy quickly and then execute that strategy consistently across the organization will be the winners.

Identify and respond to risks and opportunities.

A focus on the "triple bottom line" of people, profit and planet drives increased brand value through innovation, improves internal efficiencies and accountability, and engenders the loyalty of consumers, employees and other stakeholders.

How SAS® Can Help

  • See a clean and simple reality. Ensure data quality, transparency and relevance for action.
  • Manage and align resources (people, money and technology) to strategy. Understand how cost and value flow through the organization and what drives or influences variation.
  • Improve foresight and optimize value. Prove which KPIs drive strategy; forecast and predict future outcomes with accuracy; and optimize resources and activity for maximum value creation.
  • Learn, share, codify and adapt. Understand why things succeed or fail, and update and communicate strategic change quickly and consistently for improved agility.
  • Evolve through experimentation and innovation. Simulate and plan options based on facts, not intuition, and prove which options deliver the best balance of risk and reward.

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