SAS® Bridge for Esri

Many organizations rely on spatial analysis to make business and agency decisions, and to conduct research. But accessing all the data relevant to these projects can be difficult, and limited analytical techniques often prevent thorough evaluations.

Even when a powerful analytical and reporting system like SAS is available, results can't easily be transferred from SAS to Esri, for spatial investigations. Organizations that utilize spatial data need a way to link SAS and Esri software without having to write, and rewrite, custom code.

The SAS Bridge for Esri alleviates the need for customized data transfers. It gives you the ability to exchange spatial data between ArcGIS10, the market leading geographic information system (GIS) software from Esri, and SAS. This new product links spatial, numeric and textual data through a single interface to improve efficiency, produce more intelligent results and communicate those results more effectively.


Increase efficiency

Increase your efficiency with the SAS Bridge for Esri by easily linking your tabular SAS data and analytical results with the spatial data of the ArcGIS environment. Queries from Esri can then inherently consider the attributes stored in your SAS environment. The SAS Bridge for Esri also gives you the ability to automate processes, so you will no longer need to rewrite customized programs every time your source data changes; just link together relevant tables and their resident servers and get more comprehensive information to answer your geospatial questions. Having access to richer data means greater understanding and, ultimately, better decisions.

Communicate results more effectively

The SAS Bridge for Esri lets you show industrial-strength analytical and business intelligence graphics on your maps for immediate recognition and understanding. And since the SAS Bridge for Esri uses the ArcGIS10 interface, users now have an industry-leading GIS interface backed by all the power and capabilities of SAS.

Extend capabilities

With the SAS Bridge for Esri you can extend your business intelligence and analytic capabilities to get results that inherently consider spatial entities. You'll be able to single out your discoveries, going beyond simple relationships to get to true, measurable results. You can use SAS to create accurate representations of current and future events – with statistically sound metrics, probabilities and forecasts – and then show the results spatially. These attributes can then be visualized as a thematic layer on a map and/or used as input for spatial analysis. You can also extend your use of ArcGIS by ensuring that spatial proximities, adjacencies and autocorrelations become information available to your analysis in SAS.

Provide sound intelligence for organizational decisions

The combination of SAS and Esri's best-of-breed software lets you extend your ability to consider numeric, textual and spatial data together – extending the breadth of information that can be used to answer the widest variety of questions.

With the cooperative alliance between SAS and Esri and joint development of the SAS Bridge for Esri, you are assured that the current and future architectures of both SAS and Esri have been considered as part of this product release as well as those to come.

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