SAS Credit Risk Advantage for Teradata Program

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The SAS Credit Risk Advantage for Teradata Program combines SAS' award-winning risk management solutions, technology and experience with the most powerful, scalable and reliable data warehousing technology from Teradata.

Business Challenges

  • Measuring and managing regulatory credit risk requires transaction-level data – which is not always readily available – in order to capture the performance characteristics of each credit in the portfolio.
  • Financial services firms must be able to quickly source data for an enterprise data warehouse that can support credit risk at the required level of granularity, as well as myriad other analytical and business challenges.
  • Financial services firms need to produce nontraditional credit risk measures – such as RAROC, economic capital or other risk and performance measures – in order to incorporate risk information into everyday decision making.

How the SAS Credit Risk Advantage Program for Teradata Can Help

  • Flexibility in support of potential future regulatory changes (Basel II), local/regional regulation (Basel II) and future modeling methodologies.
  • Integration and data governance to support data lineage, volumes and complexity and connectivity to other SAS® solution components.
  • Transparency for audit, validation and internal review requirements through the absence of hidden system files or black-box models.
  • Reduced implementation time and project risk with predefined regulatory environment and report templates.

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