SAS and Hortonworks together bring SAS® business analytics capabilities to enterprise Apache Hadoop.

By integrating SAS Business Analytics software with Hortonworks Data Platform, organizations are able to query big data stored in Hadoop. Now SAS customers can quickly and easily incorporate Hadoop as a component of their modern data architecture and run analytics across massive data sets, including new sources of data that previously could not be captured and analyzed. The result: better business decisions faster.

Built and packaged by the core architects of Apache Hadoop, Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) includes the necessary components to help refine and explore new data sources and find new business insights. As the only 100-percent open-source data management platform for Apache Hadoop, HDP is increasingly becoming a core component of enterprise data management systems as it allows organizations to cost-effectively capture, process and share data in any format and at any scale.

Many organizations regard Hadoop as a cost-effective, flexible data storage environment for harnessing big data. Until recently, the focus has been on building strategies for storing large, complex volumes of data and making it accessible and usable; but now the focus is shifting to helping customers extract value from this data. SAS has been in the business of turning data into business value for nearly 40 years, recognizing that you need to have all components of the analytics life cycle in place to be successful in big data analytics.


- Scott VanValkenburgh
Senior Director of Alliances

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