SAS and Cloudera enable customers to achieve competitive advantage by gaining value from all of their data, through a proven combination of enterprise-ready storage, processing, analytics and management for big data.

Cloudera, the leader in Apache Hadoop-based software and services, offers a powerful new data platform that enables enterprises and organizations to look at all their data – structured as well as unstructured – and ask bigger questions for unprecedented insight at the speed of thought. By making all of your data usable, not just what's in your databases, SAS and Cloudera let you see relationships that were hidden before and reveal answers that have always been just out of reach. You can start making more decisions based on hard data instead of hunches and look at complete data sets, not just samples.

With the economic scalability to store and analyze data in Hadoop, SAS and Cloudera allow customers to reveal hidden insights that have loomed out of reach. Businesses can base more decisions on hard data instead of hunches, and look at complete data sets, not just samples. By providing a more visual and interactive Hadoop experience, SAS makes it easier to discover significant trends and insights. SAS’ strategy is to help customers manage their entire analytics life cycle, from data preparation and exploration, to modeling and deployment – on all the data.


Randy Guard
 Vice President of Product Management

SAS® Cloudera Solution for Big Data


Cloudera Enterprise

  • CDH4 (Hadoop)
  • Cloudera Manager


  • Support and Training


Gain value from all your data

  • Cloudera is the first commercial Hadoop distribution certified on SAS.
  • Make better and more precise decisions by analyzing structured and unstructured data sets.

Lower the costs of data management

  • Use Hadoop for scalable, flexible, cost-effective big data management.
  • Take advantage of Hadoop's distributed storage, processing, and analytics from within SAS.

Accelerate time-to-value

  • SAS visual tools to simplify working with Hadoop data.
  • Cloudera Manager to simplify big data system administration.
  • In-memory data processing and analysis for superior performance.

Reduce big data project risk and uncertainty

  • Existing users gain familiar tools and interfaces.
  • Largest community of trained Hadoop developers, administrators, and data scientists.
  • Joint SAS and Cloudera research and development ensures maximum customer value.


SAS Contact

Richard O'Brien


Cloudera Contact

Scott Armstrong

About Cloudera

Founded in 2008, Cloudera pioneered the business case for Hadoop with CDH, the world's most comprehensive, tested and widely deployed distribution of Apache Hadoop in both commercial and non-commercial environments. Now, the company is redefining data management with its Platform for Big Data, Cloudera Enterprise, empowering enterprises to Ask Bigger Questions™ and gain rich, actionable insights from all their data, to quickly and easily derive real business value that translates into competitive advantage. As the top contributor to the Apache open source community and a leading educator of data professionals, with tens of thousands of nodes under management and hundreds of customers across diverse markets, Cloudera is the category leader that has set the standard for Hadoop in the enterprise.

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