Partner Demo Center

The Partner Demo Center, supported by the Enterprise Excellence Center, provides standard software installations that are customizable.  This environment and supporting infrastructure enable all members of the alliance program to professionally showcase SAS®.


Benefits of the Partner Demo Center

See capabilities of SAS software without having to install SAS on  your local environment.

Provide a prebuilt Partner Demo Center demo to your customer without having to build it yourself.

Customize prebuilt demos and save up to two images to your personal image library.

Train yourself or internal colleagues on SAS software or solutions and learn about new software features.

Complement your existing demo environment.

The Partner Demo Center is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

(except during regularly scheduled maintenance)


If you have previously received your PDC login credentials and are having trouble using the Partner Demo Center:

  • First point of contact for support is your SAS Systems Engineer (SE) or your Alliance Manager.
  • If they cannot help, contact the Enterprise Excellence Center Partner Demo Center Support Team directly via email:

For further details about how to become accredited, or any other questions about using the Partner Demo Center, please read our Frequently Asked Questions below:

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