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For over 40+ years of partnership between IBM and SAS, clients have been benefiting from the added value brought by IBM’s infrastructure platforms to deploy SAS analytics. IBM and SAS have offered SAS 9.4 Solutions and SAS® Grid Manager for Platform for AIX on IBM Power and z/OS Z Systems for many years.

Many of the Fortune 100 companies are still running mission critical, enterprise-class applications on their Z and Power systems. These applications include real-time credit card scoring to enterprise class data management to computer resource chargeback systems.

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Focus Area
Analytics, Big Data, Business Intelligence, Customer Intelligence, Data Management, Risk



Platform LSF (Load Sharing Facility) System
SAS partners with IBM through an OEM agreement to utilize a LSF system, the technology behind SAS® Grid Manager for Platform. Watch this video to learn more about how SAS Grid Manager helps you outcompete through outcomputing – through a managed, shared grid computing environment with workload balancing, high availability, scalability and faster processing.


About IBM

IBM and SAS have been collaborating since SAS’ founding to provide best in class compute and storage solutions that will help organizations fully leverage the capabilities of SAS analytics. Empower SAS analytics with IBM Power Systems that accelerate insights with industry leading performance. IBM’s full stack solution provides flexible deployment options tailored to customer’s needs and handles the massive volume and velocity of data coming into the SAS platform with maximum resilience. IBM Spectrum LSF technology provides core capability for the SAS Grid Manager for Platform and Platform Suite for SAS products. Visit