SAS & Exacter

SAS and Exacter are partnering to help utilities improve grid reliability. Powered by Exacter sensor technology that provides conditions-based, actionable data, SAS AI and Machine Learning can generate meaningful insights into grid health and provide actionable data for continuous reliability improvement. Benefits include reducing operating costs, improving worker and public safety, reducing outages, expediting storm recovery and preventing wildfires.

Focus Area
AI, Analytics, Big Data, IoT

IoT, AI, Streaming Analytics


EXACTER’s® Trekker sensor is a strategic information tool providing condition-based monitoring of overhead distribution reliability assets. Exacter’s sensing process provides information that accurately identifies specific points of weakness across a utility’s power grid. Exacter’s patented technology identifies and locates RF Failure Signature™ emissions on overhead equipment. A powerful data-analysis engine processes field data and presents results in map, spreadsheet, satellite photo, and GIS-compatible formats. Exacter’s unique process allows the recurring surveys of large geographic areas accurately and efficiently in a matter of weeks. Exacter health assessment data provides actionable intelligence for the development of new reliability and grid performance strategies.



About Exacter

EXACTER®, Inc. is an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) company that focuses on electric utilities worldwide. Exacter’s multiple patents and trade secret algorithms create a platform technology for providing unique visibility into grid health, identifying areas of safety and system risk, and informing asset management and intelligence-based reliability initiatives. exacterinc.com