Thursday October 10

SAS invites you for 
challenging experiences

Talk of the Geeks

Yada Yada Cathedral


An interactive workshop on:
Geeks of the World: Unite!


During 5 minute talks SAS Geeks will deep dive into the technical details on how to go from image data to a full working web application driven by an image classification model. As a cherry on the cake, the app is available to find out how much effort is required to become the world’s uber-geek: A need to know for every (wanna-be) geek!

Register your interest in the Talk of the Geeks workshop nr 15.

Smart Darts

9h00 - 17h00

Let’s play data! We don’t always need to solve big problems with #AI. With this #smartdart we are capturing the dart score from a camera on tripod. Like to try?

Come to the SAS Booth #D46.

Find the Fraudster

Whole day

A “Find the Fraudster” game using AR technology to show how AI can help in identifying profitable customers in a fun & engaging way.

Play the game at the SAS Booth #D46.