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Hortonworks and SAS engineers have been hard at work for you. They’ve figured out a way for you to get the maximum benefits from your Hadoop clusters.

You're invited to join this webinar to learn what you can achieve when you combine Hadoop YARN – the architectural heart of Hadoop – with SAS® High-Performance Analytics and SAS® LASR™ Analytic Server.

During this webinar, you'll learn how to:

  • Quickly and easily incorporate Hadoop as a component of your modern data architecture.
  • Run analytics across massive data sets, including new sources of data that previously could not be captured and analyzed.
  • Enable diverse application workloads with varying characteristics on a single Hadoop cluster.
  • Capitalize on existing resources by integrating Hadoop with existing tools.


Arun Murthy

Arun Murthy
Founder and Architect

Paul Kent

Paul Kent
Vice President of Big Data

Presented with


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