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How the Enterprise Is Getting in Sync With Mobile Customers, an on-demand webinar presented by the CMO Council and SAS, captures valuable perspectives from top organizations on how they are reshaping their business strategies to include mobile, and what it takes to give customers the mobile experience they desire today.

Tune in to hear the panelists' experiences and real-world examples of how their organizations are addressing the mobile opportunity, including:

  • What role analytics plays in a winning mobile strategy.
  • How a brand can measure mobile success.
  • What a mobile-first strategy means.


  • Liz Miller, Senior Vice President of Marketing – CMO Council
  • Colette Crosby, Director, Global and Mobile GTM – Intuit
  • Jennifer Bordner, Mobile Marketing, Customer Experience Management – Old Navy
  • Diane Salmon, Vice President of Global Loyalty – Visa

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