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When you have accurate, up-to-date information driving your business, you’re not just breaking even. You’re breaking records.

With SAS Data Quality, you can manage the entire data quality life cycle and establish business rules to make sure good data stays that way. The solution supports traditional and emerging Hadoop, Impala or big data initiatives, too, with limitless scalability. It works on your terms, and it helps business and IT work more closely together.

In this webinar, our in-house experts will review and demonstrate the key capabilities of SAS Data Quality, including:

  • Profiling data to discover errors, inconsistencies, redundancies and incomplete information.
  • Standardizing information across the organization.
  • Matching, merging and linking data from disparate sources.
  • Enriching information using internal and external data sources.

Featured speakers

Danny Worthen is a Systems Engineer for data management solutions at SAS. He helps identify industry trends and sources of major change in the industry, establishes strategic vision and benefits based on SAS offerings, and articulates solution capabilities at the executive level.

Patrick McGraw is a Data Management Advisor at SAS. He supports data management initiatives with a focus on solutions for big data challenges, including metadata management, data quality, master data management and data governance.

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