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Inside every organization exists sensitive information, confidential company details or intellectual property – information which, if compromised, could result in monetary fines and reputational risk. Often threats emerge undetected from within – subtle acts over time that are difficult to detect and easily overlooked.

Is it possible to deter and prevent an insider’s misuse or abuse of privileges? With the combination of executive support, a strategic program with established controls, and advanced data analytics, you can better protect your business and its employees from negative outcomes.

Please join us for this complimentary webinar, where we’ll discuss internal threats and risk mitigation. We’ll describe how analytics can improve your program by:

  • Alerting you to activities and behaviors with known and unknown risks.
  • Understanding the context of abnormal behavioral patterns.
  • Using text analytics to derive trends in sentiment leading to risk.
  • Providing useful intelligence from only a few sources of commonly collected data.

If you’re concerned about the potential of insider threats, don’t miss it!

About the presenter – Jen Dunham, SAS

As a solution specialist within the SAS Security Intelligence Practice, Jen Dunham is focused on providing subject matter expertise and assistance to government teams around the world in addressing various security risks, focusing on insider threat targeting, analytics lead generation, cybercrime, all-source (fusion) analysis and similar applications of SAS Security Intelligence. As a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), she also assists government teams with traditional fraud challenges, focusing on occupational fraud, procurement fraud, and prescription drug monitoring analytics. Dunham served as an all-source intelligence analyst in the US Army for seven years, and has experience with investigations, counterterrorism, counterespionage, counternarcotics, and all-source intelligence analysis. She’s been at SAS for five years, and lives in Washington, DC.

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