SAS® Results

Your data. Our expertise. Faster, deeper insights.

We turn your data into insights you can use.

Not every organization has the tools and expertise to turn data into insights. But even if you don't, your data can still give you tangible results – SAS® Results.

Get results.

With SAS® Results, you provide the data and business problem; we combine the power of SAS analytics with the know-how of SAS experts to deliver results you can act on.

Expert Help

Address your toughest business issues without having to recruit, train and retain in-house analytical talent. You'll have on-demand access to SAS professionals with the knowledge and expertise you need.

Fast Turnaround

Get faster answers to your key business questions. We provide the right blend of technology and business expertise to deliver more powerful solutions that produce results quickly. 

Insights That Drive Competitive Advantage

Our experts have worked with our global client base to solve a variety of problems in practically every industry. And we will use that experience to help you conquer your business challenges.

Flexible Deployment Options

Choose the delivery option that works best for your business. We offer multiple alternatives through cloud-based or on-site deployments.

Maximum Impact of Your Analytic Efforts

With the capabilities of the entire SAS analytics platform at their disposal, our analytics experts use the best software and take the best approach to deliver the best results for you.

Faster, Measurable ROI

Realize value quickly with our services-oriented approach. Cloud-based deployment means no on-site software installation. And SAS experts supply the knowledge and know-how for finding true analytical insights fast.

SAS® Results: Analytic Insights

Identify previously unknown patterns and trends in your data that could have an impact on your organization. This service connects you with SAS experts and analytics software, and provides a foundation for the definition and discovery of critical information that will help you know your customers – and your organization – better, giving you an edge over the competition.

SAS® Results: Fraud Insights

Uncover suspicious activity, prioritize investigations and target emerging criminal networks – without worrying about infrastructure costs, testing, development or backups. Give us the relevant data (application, claims, demographic, transaction). We’ll do the rest – from data transformation, to developing and managing analytical models and business rules, to alert-management reports and social network analysis.

SAS® Results: Customer Insights

Cut through marketing noise to deliver the right message, at the right time, through the right channel, to a receptive customer. This service helps you identify previously unknown patterns and trends in your data to improve customer interactions and campaign performance, giving you the edge you need to compete effectively in a changing marketplace.

SAS® Results: Retail Insights

Use analytics to improve your retail decision making, regardless of your organization's level of analytical maturity. Segment customer lists into identifiable groups based on shopping behaviors. Analyze and understand the elasticity of product prices to boost profitability. This service helps you analyze retail trends, identify opportunities and meet financial objectives.

SAS complemented our insights team nicely. The insight they provided would have taken us a year to get if we developed it internally. They accelerated our learning quite dramatically. Ramy Soussou GM of Sales & Marketing, Emerging Markets & Regulatory Affairs Red Energy

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