SAS® Unified Insights MM Features

Market-leading data mining & machine learning

  • Provides GUI-based data mining and machine learning via a single, collaborative and highly scalable environment.
  • Provides open source integration with R, Python, Java and Lua models.
  • Lets you use model competition to identify and deploy the most effective model.

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Streamlined model deployment

  • Streamlines the process of creating, managing, administering, deploying and monitoring your analytical models.
  • Provides a framework for model registration, validation, monitoring and retraining.
  • Enables you to assess candidate models to identify and publish the champion model.
  • Ensures complete auditability and regulatory compliance.

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Self-service data preparation

  • Provides an interactive, self-service environment for data access, blending, shaping and cleansing to prepare data for analytics and reporting.
  • Fully integrates with your analytics pipeline.
  • Includes data lineage and automation.

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Visual data exploration & insights development

  • Provides bi-modal support for both governed and self-service exploration and visualization.
  • Enables self-service discovery, reporting and analysis.
  • Provides access to easy-to-use predictive analytics with “smart algorithms.”
  • Enables report sharing via email, web browser, MS Office or mobile devices.
  • Provides centralized, web-based administration, monitoring and governance of platform.

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Descriptive & predictive modeling

  • Explore and evaluate segments for further analysis using k-means clustering, scatter plots and detailed summary statistics.
  • Use machine learning techniques to build predictive models from a visual or programming interface.

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