Greg Horne
Global Principal, Health Care

Greg is the SAS Global Principal for Health and is based out of Toronto, Canada- he joined SAS in August 2012. 

Throughout his career, Greg has worked and become familiar with health care systems in the United Kingdom, Europe, North America and Australia. Greg began working as a Radiographer at the University College hospital in London, UK. He developed a passion for creating health systems built on quality and patient outcomes. As the Principal Consultant for Health Care, Greg has the opportunity to work with health care strategy and Artificial Intelligence in a way that focuses on outcomes, cost and quality; the challenges that any modern health system faces. He is considered a thought leader in the future of health care and the introduction of patient focused technology. 

Greg graduated with a Bachelors in Radiography from the University of Southampton, UK. He is the recipient of a Canadian award for his work on using unstructured data to predict mental health issues with social media. 

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Speaker engagements

2021The Health PulsePodcastSAS
2021The Year of Life & Health InsuranceWebinarIIA (Italian Insurtech Association)
2020Can Health Care Professionals See the Future With AI and Computer Vision?On-Demand webinarSAS
2020 Analytics and Other Disrupters in Health CareLas Vegas, USAThe HFMA Annual Conference
2019Health Care Analytics, A Global Perspective5 cities across western CanadaWestern Canada breakfast Series