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Channeling Streaming Data for Competitive Advantage

How SAS® Event Stream Processing Is Driving Innovation and Solving Complex Challenges

About this paper

Data constantly flows in and out of organizations from electrical and mechanical sensors, RFID tags, smart meters, mobile devices and other objects. Analysts believe this data has triggered a new type of industrial revolution driven by highly accurate, real-time analysis, alerts, and automated decisions and actions. The key to capturing new opportunities created by these trends is streaming analytics. This technology can extract meaning from data as it’s created and automate reactions in milliseconds. Read the paper to learn more and to hear from SAS customers who have used streaming analytics to develop revolutionary business models and revitalize their productivity and success.

SAS Institute Inc. について

SASは、アナリティクスのリーディング・カンパニーです。SASは、革新的なアナリティクス、ビジネス・インテリジェンス、ならびにデータ・マネジメントに関するソフトウェアとサービスを通じて、83,000以上の顧客サイトに、より正確で迅速な意思決定を行う支援をしています。1976年の設立以来、「The Power to Know®(知る力)」を世界各地の顧客に提供し続けています。

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