Access trusted coronavirus outbreak data, scientific text analysis, dashboards and analytical models.

Featured Trials

SAS® Viya® Data Discovery and Analytical Modeling Environment

Access data from trusted organizations such as Johns Hopkins and The World Bank to model outbreak data.

SAS® Viya® Scientific Literature Search and Text Analysis

Quickly extract relevant text and numerical data from 50,000+ coronavirus-related documents.

SAS® Viya® Epidemiological Scenario Analysis

Run different virus projection scenarios to follow the flow of a population through the four stages of an epidemic.

Right now, there is no business as usual.

Which is why we are temporarily pausing some of our other software trials.

We are focusing all our collective energy and expertise on providing you with powerful capabilities to analyze coronavirus outbreak data. We want to do our part in helping accelerate the sharing of vital and potentially life-saving information based on relevant coronavirus data compiled by trusted organizations around the world.

Other Available Trials

SAS® Event Stream Processing on SAS® Cloud


Quickly build streaming projects using real-time data and machine learning to gain accurate, timely insights.



Discover why JMP is the tool of choice for scientists, engineers and others around the world who want to access, explore and statistically analyze data.