Inventory Optimization

SAS® Inventory Optimization

Manage inventory to meet customer requirements while reducing costs

With SAS® Inventory Optimization, organizations can manage data on millions of SKUs, gather and consolidate huge data volumes throughout the distribution chain, then transform, standardize and cleanse the data for inventory optimization.

SAS lets you simultaneously optimize inventory levels for every SKU at every location in your organization.

Right now, zero back orders and a 100 percent customer service level are real possibilities.

Gary Keathley
Custom Pak Materials Manager


Reduce product inventory levels, inventory carrying and expediting costs.

SAS Inventory Optimization calculates optimal inventory levels and replenishment policies based on required lead times, costs and target service levels. It identifies items that have reached reorder thresholds and generates recommended quantities for each item based on cost and service-level targets. You can stock the right products in the right quantities without creating excesses by rationalizing or the bullwhip effect.

Planning support for distribution requirements planning (DRP) reporting, sensitivity analysis and scenario-modeling capabilities.

SAS Inventory Optimization helps produce and compare alternate planning scenarios for multiple items, thus helping select the optimal policy from a policy set.

Distribution personnel can proactively plan rather than react to unforeseen problems. Planners can customize key replenishment policy drivers to streamline replenishment for specific items.

Using scenario modeling capabilities, planners can compare planning scenarios to pick the optimal policy from a number of options.

Base distribution strategies on information from all systems across the enterprise.

Gather and consolidate large volumes of data from every echelon of the distribution chain – regardless of format or location – and transforms, standardizes and cleanses the data (e.g., reconcile inconsistent naming conventions) to prepare it for accurate forecasting.



Inventory Optimization
  • Data management.
  • Inventory optimization.
  • Replenishment planning.
  • Information sharing.
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