Accelerate time to benefit, and quickly meet new IFRS 9 standards.

Designed to meet IFRS 9 requirements – including modeling, workflow frameworks and reporting – as an add-on component to SAS® Expected Credit Loss.

Modeling and analytics

Accelerates model development with prepackaged templates for commonly used model types. Quickly create, test and execute ECL models for timely compliance with IFRS 9 requirements.

Self-service reporting templates

Provides easy-to-use reporting templates and out-of-the box visualizations, enabling you to quickly design and deploy IFRS 9 reports. Customizable templates include 12-Month and Lifetime ECL, Credit Quality, Stage Allocation/Movement and Reconciliation to IAS 39.

Financial aggregation

Lets you aggregate or drill into results on the fly to understand drivers and assess financial impacts. Enhances accountability with automated disclosures and posting into ledgers. 

Unified workflows

Provides sample workflow templates for managing ECL computing processes. Easily customize accounting rules and data flows, and synchronize all risk and finance processes, for greater collaboration, auditability, transparency and repeatability across the organization.

Meet the challenges and tight timelines of IFRS 9 compliance while reducing implementation and execution risks.

SAS Regulatory Content for IFRS 9 showing dashboard on desktop monitor

Implement IFRS 9 quickly.

Meet requirements and gain benefits from your IFRS 9 projects faster. Comprehensive data models and prebuilt model templates – including hazard models, Markov chains, PD/LGD, Monte Carlo simulations and state transition models – greatly reduce development and implementation effort, and compress time to compliance. You can build models and reports quickly, and spend more time on analysis and exploration.

Streamline ECL estimation processes.

Meet the ongoing demands of IFRS 9 credit impairment accounting requirements within tight production timelines. Simplify IFRS 9 model maintenance, and mitigate key person risks, through menu-driven management and reduced coding requirements. Quickly quantify and report the drivers of results through an automated and flexible attribution process.

SAS Regulatory Content for IFRS 9 showing portfolio summary on desktop monitor
SAS Regulatory Content for IFRS 9 showing credit quality trend on desktop monitor

Get fast results.

Perform calculations faster than ever using powerful, distributed in-memory processing and optimized model templates. Calculate aggregated exposures on the fly, and drill down into results in near-real time. Quickly create the most commonly used reports with reduced operational risk.

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