Live Webinar

Can Health Care Professionals See the Future With AI and Computer Vision?

This webinar, part of our "Analytics in 20" series, focuses on how SAS is helping a cancer research center overcome existing limitations in tumor assessments with the help of computer vision technology and deep learning models.

Nov. 7 • 1:30 p.m. ET • Cost: Complimentary

About the webinar

There is ripe opportunity for augmented intelligence to drive real process efficiencies and breakthrough insights in health care. But the industry is struggling with true adoption of AI within clinical and operational workflows.

Join this webinar to learn how SAS is helping a cancer research center overcome existing limitations in tumor assessments with the help of computer vision technology and deep learning models.

With the help of AI, clinicians can increase the speed and accuracy of chemotherapy response assessments to better fight disease.

To listen to the first part of this webinar, click here to add it to your calendar. No registration is required.

Key topics include:

  • Getting past development into deployment of AI in health care.
  • The importance of managing AI models.
  • The promise of augmented intelligence in the future of digital health.

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About the Experts

Greg Horne, Principal Global Consultant for Health Care, SAS

Horne joined SAS in 2012 and has worked and become familiar with health care systems in the United Kingdom, Europe, North America and Australia, developing a passion for creating health systems built on quality and patient outcomes. In his role, Horne works with health care strategy in a way that focuses on outcomes, cost, quality and other challenges that any modern health system faces. Horne is a thought leader in the future of health care and the introduction of patient-focused technology.

Susan Kahler, Global Product Marketing Manager for AI, SAS

Kahler uses analytics to quantify and compare mental models of how humans learn complex operations. Throughout her well rounded career, she has held roles in user-centered design, product management, customer insights, consulting and operational risk. Kahler has a PhD in human factors and ergonomics from North Carolina State University and is currently working on her MS in analytics. She enjoys immersing herself in solving challenging issues using SAS® Analytics. She also holds a patent for a software navigation system to guide users through dynamically changing systems.

Xiangxiang Meng, Senior Product Manager, SAS

Meng’s current work is focused on deep learning, computer vision, SAS Visual Statistics, the Python interface to SAS Cloud Analytic Services, and other new product initiatives. Previously, he worked on SAS® LASR™ Analytic Server, SAS In-Memory Statistics for Hadoop, SAS recommendation systems and SAS® Enterprise Miner™. His research interests include deep learning and reinforcement learning, automated and cognitive pipelines for business intelligence and machine learning, and parallelization of machine learning algorithms on distributed data. He received his PhD and MS from the University of Cincinnati.