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Real-Time Decision Manager

SAS® Real-Time Decision Manager

Get more than a rules engine for better customer interactions

Get maximum value from your inbound, real-time customer interactions. Track and respond to customers at every possible touch point – service, sales and support, etc. We've combined the world's best analytics with business logic and contact strategies to deliver the best real-time recommendations and decisions to your interactive customer channels – websites, contact centers, and point of sale.

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Real-Time Decision Manager
  • Offer optimization. Integration with outbound campaign management and other data systems is simplified.
  • Decision processes. Easy decision process construction via an intuitive, visual interface means reduced implementation and deployment time.
  • Data throughput. A multitier architecture with server clustering capabilities ensures high throughput, even in high-volume, 24/7 environments.
  • Real-time analytics. Automated analytical techniques include a wide array of analytic capabilities – customer lifetime value, propensity, attrition and credit risk modeling.
  • Campaign testing. Out-of-the-box A/B test nodes enable the comparison of two different offers. Campaign simulation capabilities let you determine whether or not the decision flow you have created will be effective in an operational environment.


With this new application, not only can we get more value for our customers, but we are able to improve customer loyalty and satisfaction through better quality conversations and more targeted advice.

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