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Marketing Mix Advisor

SAS® Marketing Mix Advisor

Optimize your advertising and promotional mix

Analyze, forecast and optimize your mix of advertising and promotions more easily than ever. And boost your organizational effectiveness and profitability by understanding how best to deploy marketing and product resources across business units, channels, geographies, product lines and time horizons.


Reduce your risk.

Analyze your data more frequently for more accurate forecasts. Data and marketing mix model attributes are stored in a dynamic form for Web reports that are generated easily. Better forecasts allow you to anticipate changes in consumer buying patterns and respond quickly to market shifts.

Increase your profits.

Easily calculate the effects of specific marketing tactics across business units, channels, geographies, product lines and time horizons. And reduce marketing expenses by more frequently predicting how marketing campaigns will perform at different levels.

Strengthen your competitive advantage.

Consolidate results from multiple sources of marketing mix models, regardless of who built them. Intelligently store both insourced and outsourced model results so you can more readily choose vendors to meet your ever-changing needs.

Quantify the effect of media.

Understand the effect that paid, owned and earned media have on measures like brand awareness, cannibalization, stock levels, web and store traffic, and sales. Easily construct what-if scenarios for alternate mixes. And apply constraints – such as budget, advertising inventory capacity and price/promotional policies – to see what impact they will have on your mixes.


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  • Embedded analytics. Analytical procedures allow marketers to easily perform explanatory analysis, forecasting and scenario planning, and optimization.
  • Prebuilt Web dashboards and reports. Surface and manipulate a variety of business KPIs to easily show performance across marketing channels and methods.
  • Web-based simulation and optimization. True analytical optimization lets you easily calculate the effect of any changes in your marketing mix allocations.
        • Marketing scorecard and strategy map integration. Integration with SAS for Marketing Performance Management lets you display marketing mix reallocations as an input to your overall marketing performance.
        • Integration with other SAS Customer Intelligence solutions. Integration with the broader SAS Customer Intelligence marketing platform enables a more comprehensive, cohesive online, offline and mobile marketing strategy.
        • World-class advanced analytics support. Trained analytical professionals help you extract the most value from the solution for use in your marketing efforts.

        SAS is positioned as a leader in The Forrester Wave™: Customer Analytics Solutions, Q4 2012.

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