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Warranty Analysis

SAS® Warranty Analysis

The leading solution for emerging-issue detection and root-cause analysis

SAS Warranty Analysis integrates warranty and other data with key customer, product and geographic information so organizations can accelerate detection and reduce time to correction. SAS Warranty Analysis lowers warranty costs and increases customer satisfaction, enabling you to improve product quality and your brand reputation.


Early issue detection.

SAS Warranty Analysis provides manufacturers with early detection of problems that may otherwise go unnoticed. By identifying warranty-related issues early, companies can save countless dollars in both repair costs and customer retention because issues are proactively addressed before they become significant, costly problems.

Problem prioritization.

SAS Warranty Analysis puts problems into perspective, calculating how much it will cost if nothing is done. This allows manufacturers to determine the best course of action and associated costs as well as any potential effect on customer satisfaction.

Problem identification and definition.

Because many warranty-related issues are the result of underlying process or procedural problems, SAS Warranty Analysis identifies which combinations of variables drive failures. By then isolating failure modes to enable true root-cause analysis, SAS enables manufacturers to address the underlying cause rather than simply acting on a symptom.


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Warranty Analysis
  • Data integration.
  • Warranty-specific predictive analytics.
  • Integrated text analysis.
  • Easy reporting capabilities.

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