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Service Parts Optimization

SAS® Service Parts Optimization

Comprehensive demand forecasting and inventory optimization

Confidently forecast parts demand and optimize parts inventory so you can maintain adequate stock levels and optimal response times. With SAS, you can achieve the universal service goal of reducing inventory costs while improving customer satisfaction.


Reduce stockouts and overages with accurate forecasting.

SAS Service Parts Optimization provides flexibility and automation to forecast episodic parts demand, enabling you to forecast short-term, long-term and end-of-cycle parts demand.

You can accurately determine the required amount of parts needed at any location. Thus you minimize stockouts and overages, improving the customer experience while reducing costs.

Optimize inventory replenishment policies and order quantities.

The solution calculates optimal inventory levels and replenishment policies based on user-determined constraints such as lead times, costs and targeted service levels.

Thus you contain costs by ensuring the right amount of the right inventory at each location.

Achieve targeted customer service levels.

With SAS Service Parts Optimization, you can set customer service measures as a key replenishment policy driver.

Develop comprehensive, fully informed service parts strategies.

The solution works with existing systems to collect and analyze all aspects of service parts data throughout your organization.

The result: a complete, accurate basis for service parts strategies that reduce costs and improve performance.


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Service Parts Optimization
  • Robust, effective data management.
  • Accurate forecasts at every level.


  • Multi-echelon inventory optimization.
  • Information sharing throughout the service chain.

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