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SAS Customer Due Diligence

SAS® Customer Due Diligence

Guard against financial, regulatory and reputational risk


Protect your institution by rating new customers and updating customer scoring based on key events that could affect the overall risk of your customer relationships. SAS helps you take a more comprehensive approach to customer due diligence – one that is always on so you can be as proactive as possible.


Review events automatically.

Review events when they happen – rather than over longer time intervals. Automated event tracking enables investigators and analysts to act promptly when there's any change in customer attributes based on the criteria you set.

Manage risk attributes with speed and agility.

Build a more accurate picture of how a customer interacts and transacts with your institution by using a broad spectrum of data elements. With SAS, you can see multiple sources of data across departments and additional databases.

Improve investigator efficiency.

Easily manage cases and assess customer activity with an intuitive interface that boosts efficiency. Visually display case notes, champion/challenger results and other data in seconds. Enhanced global search capabilities let you filter and sort categorically, by date/time or numerically, so you can find what you're looking for quickly – even in attachments.

Conduct thorough analyses with fewer resources.

Ensure adherence to standard processes and internal policy requirements with a flexible workflow environment that lets you set compliance standards according to your institution’s regulating agency. With fully auditable case management capabilities, you can automatically track all aspects of investigations for more efficient triage, distribution and reporting.


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SAS Customer Due Diligence
  • Continuous event-based risk rating of entities. Perform continuous monitoring and receive daily institutional alerts to a rating change of a customer who went from low risk to medium or high risk.
  • Risk attribute management. Flexibly map and manage multiple data elements with risk attributes to more accurately identify and rank high-risk clients for immediate review.
  • Triage, disposition and case reporting. Help investigators easily manage cases and assess customer activity.
  • Automated workflow. Adhere to standard processes and automatically move work items throughout the organization to complete reviews.
  • Visual scenario designer. Capture a visual representation of the impact of changes in scenarios and risk ratings on all of your data, not just a subset.
  • Integration with other SAS solutions.  Integrate with other SAS enterprise fraud and financial crime solution modules to gain broader insight into customer behavior and to facilitate communication among disparate departments across the institution.

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