SAS® Studio

Create and interact with SAS® code easily – anytime, anywhere

Writing and running SAS code has never been easier. This web browser interface lets you access your data and create SAS programs wherever – and whenever – you need them. Once you’re familiar with SAS Studio, you can use it throughout your career. Consider it a solid investment for your future.


Step away from your desk.

Interact with SAS from anywhere on your desktop or Mac. SAS Studio is about convenience and mobility. You can access your files and do all your SAS coding through the web browser-based programming environment. Move from one device to another. Zero footprint. No installation required.

Learn it once, use it forever.

Because SAS Studio makes it easy to access and work with SAS technologies, you can build a skillset that you can use throughout your career. Its intuitive interface makes it easy to learn. And experienced programmers have easy access to all their SAS programs.

How may we assist you?

SAS Studio is more than just an editor. It comes equipped with features that help you work more efficiently, like programming tools that offer interactive feedback and prompts. You’ll also find code snippet libraries for frequently performed jobs and code-generating tasks that promote consistent programming.

Make the most of your time.

If you're a programmer and keep repeating your actions, you're wasting time. Why do that when it's so easy to create tasks that make the complex easy? You can also generate SQL queries just by selecting tables, sorting on parameters and filtering. Then access the code that was generated for you.



  • Web browser-based interface.
  • Table viewer.
  • Customizable environment.
  • Zero footprint.
  • Assistive programming tools.
  • Automatic code generation.

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