SAS® Financial Management

A comprehensive solution for enterprise planning, budgeting, consolidation and reporting.

Perform instant consolidations, develop more accurate budgets, report and analyze results, understand revenue, and manage the execution of strategy.

Create a quantum shift for financial and profit analytics across your enterprise.

SAS Financial Management enables you to identify and analyze the impact of changes as they occur. You can understand which products, consumers, customers and segments are profitable, identify cost reduction opportunities and discover drivers of profitability.

Strengthen the links between operational and financial plans.

The solution provides financial performance and cost and profit analytics across manufacturing, telecom, aviation, utilities, retail transportation and financial services industries, greatly enhancing the ability to strengthen the links between operational and financial plans.

Improve communication and collaboration among plan contributors.

SAS Financial Management enables you to consistently deliver timely, reliable plans and forecasts, plus contingency plans for a range of possible events. Analyze variances and deviations from plans and promptly take corrective action.

Get on-demand access to actual and planning data.

This powerful solution features a bidirec­tional, dynamic, secure link to a common data repository, which provides on-demand access to actual and planning data. As a result, users operate in a dynamic environment and no longer need to run consolidations to see the results of data or rule changes.

Publish financial reports faster and more efficiently.

This solution supports multiple accounting standards and provides rules for manual journal adjustments, intercompany balancing, reporting entity balancing, allocations and partial ownership to help you maintain flex­ibility in the face of any new standards. A graphical view of ownership holdings lets you visualize the interrelationships and percentage ownership. You can also manage a variety of time aggregations for balance and flow account types. With robust, flexible currency handling, SAS Financial Manage­ment ideally suits the global enterprise. The solution includes multiple exchange rate sets and performs automatic simple and complex currency conversion.

Create more confident plans and more accurate budgets.

SAS Financial Management provides all the flexibility you need to create more confident plans and more accurate budgets. The solution supports rolling forecasts, top-down and bottom-up budgeting, and budget-cycle seeding. Capabilities for workflow control and enterprise collaboration ease communication and speed planning cycles. Statistical accounts and embedded calcula­tions provide for driver-based budgeting, even in multiple currencies. SAS forecasting technology produces the most accurate and flexible forecasts available, and the solution’s on-demand consolidations enhance your ability to model what-if scenarios.


Enterprise planning, budgeting, consolidation and reporting in one integrated solution. A proprietary calculation engine and accounting logic let you consolidate planning and historical information on demand, ensuring decision makers and regulatory agencies always have the latest information.

Dynamic consolidation

Provides a common data repository for on-demand access to actual and planning data.

Accounting logic

Supports multiple accounting standards, partial ownership consolidations and robust, flexible currency handling.

Budgeting & planning

Supports rolling forecasts, top-down and bottom-up budgeting, and budget-cycle seeding.

Information delivery

Offers efficient report distribution to a large and diverse users community.

Data management

Provides a prebuilt data model that creates a consistent view and allows true integration with other SAS solutions.

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