Taipei Medical University Prescribes Data Visualization to Provide High Quality Patient Care

SAS® Visual Analytics helps improve business operations leading to better customer service

In order to identify and deliver hospital services more efficiently while upholding high quality patient care, Taipei Medical University (TMU), one of the largest health care systems in Taiwan, uses SAS® Visual Analytics. SAS helps the TMU medical team identify ways to deliver quality care with greater proficiency.

"To remain profitable, hospitals must operate with utmost efficiency," says Ray-Jade Chen, a trauma surgeon and CEO of Center Management and Development at TMU. "At the same time, we must be sure to consistently provide high-quality patient care. To achieve these goals, we're using high-performance data visualization from SAS to analyze and monitor real-time performance across all three hospitals in the system."

Three IT systems, one dashboard

SAS provides comprehensive monthly operational performance statistics on service, and finance, as well as quality and equipment performances across each discrete system. The software analyzes performance at the hospital, department and physician levels, allowing senior managers to monitor patient data and test results for its three hospitals with a single dashboard. These multidimensional reports provide busy hospital executives with concise and in-depth information that helps them better identify business strategies without worrying about report accuracy.

The reports also enable hospital management to discover correlations between revenue and expenses, allowing changes and updates to data in minutes rather than hours. The information can serve as an early warning system, revealing previously hidden or hard-to-decipher problems within a set of data; this advantage allows TMU to promptly determine the most appropriate course of action and to adopt preventive measures.

SAS Visual Analytics is an in-memory solution for exploring any amount of data quickly. Users can spot patterns, identify opportunities for further analysis, and convey results with visual clarity via Web reports or on their iPad® and Android tablets.

Quickly formatting large amount of data into readable reports into memory for fast processing and data visualization, SAS Visual Analytics lets users explore all data and not just a sample. They can execute analytic correlations on billions of rows of information in just minutes or seconds, and can present results in easy-to-understand charts, graphs and animations. SAS can also quickly identify patterns, trends and relationships between data that are not obviously apparent unless graphically displayed.

About Taipei Medical University

Taipei Medical University (TMU) is one of the largest health care systems in Taiwan and includes a medical university and three hospitals: Taipei Medical University Hospital, Wan Fang Hospital, and Shuang Ho Hospital. Altogether, the three hospitals have a total of more than 3,000 beds with annual revenues exceeding NT$15 billion (US$499.5 million).

About SAS

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