Miami Herald Media Co. succeeds with SAS® Data Quality

Data quality and data integration platform improves, enhances database marketing

The Miami Herald Media Company sends out over half a million pieces of direct mail each week. When the publisher sought to replace its existing data quality software with a better, more accurate and more cost-effective solution, they turned to business analytics leader SAS.

"SAS® DataFlux® Data Management gave us the flexibility, connectivity and accuracy to improve our data quality and meet the needs of our clients," said Alfred Hampton, Database/Systems Administrator with the Miami Herald Media Company.

SAS DataFlux gave the Miami Herald Media Company the power it needed to process data from multiple sources, de-duplicate, cleanse and improve its data records in order to transform the data into trusted information that was usable for the company and marketable to its clients. The data quality and data integration platform helped the publishing giant to improve and enhance the data that drives its Database Marketing Division.

"Data quality gives business and IT users confidence in business-critical information," said Todd Wright, Global Product Marketing Manager for SAS DataFlux Data Quality. "SAS helps data stewards and data analysts track the health of corporate information and enables organizations to set and follow standards for enterprise data – a critical component for data governance and master data management (MDM) initiatives."

SAS DataFlux products offer a cutting-edge data quality and data integration platform built on best practices and real-world implementations, helping organizations understand and improve the quality of enterprise data. Providing full-featured address verification for over 240 countries and territories worldwide, SAS DataFlux also offers value-added content with regional address, phone number and demographic data enhancements, and rooftop-level geocoding.

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