USER STORIES (ALL CAPS : H1-avenir-bold-xs)

Headline that captures the main idea of story, 6-8 words (H2-display-s)

Teaser that not only gives context to the story, but includes your SEO terms, 20-25 words. (P-avenir-light-s)

GET TO KNOW ME (ALL CAPS :H3-avenir-light-s)

Name: (P-avenir-light-xs)
Name of person you're featuring (P-avenir-medium-s)

City or region your subject currently lives in

Current position:
Current job title & company your subject works for (or university currently attending)

Software knowledge:
List of SAS software products your subject is skilled in

Paul Ridge
Pullquote that encompasses the main idea/theme of the story.

TOP TIPS (ALL CAPS : H3-avenir-light-xs)

  • List three main tips that a reader should gain from this story.
  • You can get these tips by specifically asking for them during your interview, or by pulling them out of the main story text.
  • Each tip should be short and actionable. (P-bullets-avenir-light-xs)

BENEFITS (ALL CAPS : H3-avenir-light-s); [in this section you'll pull out two things the story subject has done that had a positive impact]

ON LEARNING SAS®  (P-avenir-bold-xs)

Explaining the benefit of learning SAS is just one example of something you could feature here. Other possible benefits include include the value of getting a certification, joining a users group, finding a mentor, learning a specific technology or taking a specific class. (P-avenir-light-xs)


You should feature one benefit per text box, and keep your blurbs as short as possible.

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