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Doing the Work

A Practical Approach to Data Preparation for
Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning

What separates an average data scientist from a great one? It isn't the algorithms or methods that they use – it’s how they handle data.

That means having a very rational and well-organized approach to acquire, structure, transform and screen data for analysis. The other aspect that sets apart the great data scientist is the ability to creatively address challenges found in the data by creating interesting features that tease out predictive performance.

In this webinar from O’Reilly, Ryan Schmiedl and Michael Ames of SAS talk about developing those tools that can take your approach to data science from good to great.

Webinar highlights

  • SAS experts Schmiedl and Ames will share their approach to:
  • Acquiring, structuring and profiling data for analysis.
  • Approaches to analytic transformations.
  • Feature-creation schemes.
  • Feature-screening techniques.
  • What you need to know to put it all together.

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