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SAS Sentiment Analysis

SAS® Sentiment Analysis 

Align with your customers' desires.

Want to know what your customers think? What about your employees, partners and field staff? Opinions and experiences are expressed on websites and in communication centers – and they're buried in emails, forms, surveys, internal files and reports. If you know the opinions, you can better communicate, highlight the positive, identify issues and spot trends before they balloon into bigger concerns.


Evaluate sentiment and monitor changes over time.

The software automatically extracts sentiments in real time or over a period of time with a unique combination of statistical modeling and rule-based natural language processing techniques. Built-in reports show patterns and detailed reactions. So you can hone in on the sentiments that are expressed.

Identify feedback sources to define new targets.

By actively monitoring internal collections and combining that with information from social networking sites, you can see where you're being discussed and what's being said. Feedback is automatically extracted as the content is crawled. Important concepts are filtered so you can pursue the most promising opportunities.

Continuously improve customer experience and competitive position.

The software searches for and evaluates internal and external content about your organization and competitors, identifying positive, negative, neutral and "no sentiment" texts – quantifying perceptions in the market.

Promote discovery with a closed-loop, integrated analysis environment.

With ongoing evaluations, you can refine models and adjust classifications to reflect emerging topics and new terms relevant to your customers, organization or industry.


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Sentiment Analysis
  • Easy-to-use interface for model development.
  • Statistics and linguistics combined to provide more accurate sentiment analysis results.
  • Context of features examined for accurate interpretations.

  • Dynamic sentiment analysis.
  • Interactive workbench for model refinement.
  • Updates on web postings, reviews and opinions.
  • Multiple languages natively supported.

Technical Information

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