Analyzing online brand image improves marketing

Maspex Wadowice Group evaluates social media communications, grows competitive advantage

Maspex Wadowice Group is a dominant player among food and beverage manufacturers in Central and Eastern Europe. To grow its competitive advantage, the company wanted to find out what consumers were saying online about one of its products. Working with consulting firm SpotlightResearch – which in turn used SAS® Text Miner to evaluate social media communications – Maspex was pleased with the findings.

Specifically, Maspex wanted to find out how well an automated technology solution could assess online sentiment, as well as provide insights about specific product and consumer attributes.

This will allow us to plan and implement our marketing and communications activities more effectively, in particular those using a Web-based channel.

Marcin Leśniak
Research Manager

Technology put to the test

Maspex, working with SpotlightResearch, used SAS to analyze comments posted to online communities, message boards and other social sites about its Kubuś juice product. The goal: find out how brand recognition and perception matched the product's image in general, and at the same time, gather insight about specific product and consumer attributes.

“We needed technology that would enable us to quickly analyze Web data from various angles, test various types of concepts and hypotheses, and focus more on evaluation and conclusions rather than collecting and compiling data alone,” says Przemek Marciniak, Research Director at SpotlightResearch. “We used SAS Text Miner to analyze brand sentiment and how it had changed since 2003. And with SAS’ ability to analyze social media, we identified structural tensions and ways to overcome them through innovation.”

Researchers also analyzed brand and product attributes as well as user image, Marciniak adds.

Analytics influences strategy

Study results reinforced Maspex's faith in advanced analytics to glean insights from social media outlets.

"First and foremost, we are now convinced that the brand image of Kubuś is consistent with the market perception in general, so the goal of the project was achieved," says Marcin Leśniak, Research Manager at Maspex. "This will allow us to plan and implement our marketing and communications activities more effectively, in particular those using a Web-based channel."


Analyze social media channels to monitor a product's brand image and see how it compares with its general perception in the market.


SAS® Text Miner


Maspex gained a competitive advantage through better consumer insights, resulting in more effective and efficient marketing efforts.

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