Andreas Godde
Director, Business Analytics

Andreas Godde

Digitization and the increasing pressure from new entrants into established markets forces organizations to adopt a modern approach to data management and analytics. To manage regulatory requirements and get value from data, business users therefore need access to high-quality data and analytics.

Senior managers are increasingly held accountable for data as a strategic asset, and data and analytics are the core of most future business models in the digitized world.

Andreas Godde believes that developing a modern and agile data management strategy is a prerequisite for growth, and the priority task for many companies. His role includes providing advice to organizations to help them become analytical and data-driven.

Supported by a team of experienced data management consultants and analytics experts, he helps customers to implement change management processes designed to achieve this. His particular focus is on changing the mindset for these kind of initiatives towards a “design thinking” and “fast fail” approach.

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