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Visual Analytics/Visual Statistics + Data Loader for Hadoop

  • Create business value with Big Data: leverage visual and interactive tools to get insight from Hadoop data quickly
  • Accelerate Hadoop adoption: with a complete self-service approach (visual, no code, no Hadoop skills required) from Data Management to Analytics
  • Drive the Analytics Innovation in your enterprise: using powerful yet easy to use exploration and modelling analytics tools

Advanced Analytics for automated decisions and model building

  • Automate and simplify operational decisions through the application of machine learning algorithms
  • Take data, define business rules, deploy models and create validated assets: all from a single interface
  • Deploy models at scale and across multiple business segments with SAS Factory Miner

SAS Contextual Analysis

  • Automatic discovery of topics for initial taxonomy development
  • Generation of configurable rules and improved linguistic context
  • Direct integration with SAS

Event Stream Processing, Real-Time Decision Management

  • Real-time access to informations to support timely and accurate business decisions
  • Advanced analytics in-stream Models integration and process design to data manipulation
  • ESP recognizes and stores value informations only to generate actions or alerts, thanks to in-memory computing.