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With more than 100 million registered users and 45 million unique visitors per month, Photobucket is one of the most-visited Web properties. The world's leading dedicated photo- and video-sharing service, Photobucket takes pride in offering its advertising partners creative solutions that reach an engaged audience. Success depends on knowing its inventory availability in order to package and sell audience effectively.

That's why Photobucket – a website for storing, editing and sharing photos and videos – uses SAS® Intelligent Advertising for Publishers.

"Having business intelligence, sales performance management, forecasting and delivery insights together in one easy-to-use system has significantly improved our ability to manage and maximize the value of our inventory," says Darren Kelly, Chief Revenue Officer at Photobucket.

With SAS, Photobucket manages interactions with advertisers, sales performance and yield. The comprehensive advertising platform addresses usability and visibility challenges while helping Photobucket deliver ads to a global audience.

An implementation manager walked Photobucket through each step of the migration process. After agreeing on an implementation schedule and a "go live" date, the team created a taxonomy specific to Photobucket and trained users on proper ad tagging. After setup came data loading and quality-assurance testing.

During QA, the solution team found an anomaly that skewed data accuracy. Photobucket often reserved campaigns without creative, which was not accounted for in the forecast simulation. Rather than ask Photobucket to adjust established practices, the solution team adjusted the system to fit Photobucket's unique model to ensure complete accuracy.

The "support, attention to detail and willingness to adjust their system rather than trying to change the way we do business made us more comfortable and confident throughout our implementation and migration process," Kelly says. "Best of all, we didn't drop any impressions or lose any revenue during our migration."

With SAS, Photobucket has a complete revenue-focused view of its available inventory. The platform allows for quick and detailed analysis into the best use of products and packages, as well as sales performance.

Consolidated data management and simulation-based forecasting help Photobucket see how visitors actually consume frequency capping, companion ads and sponsorship campaigns. Photobucket can also proactively spot availability by product, placement and/or revenue, including insight into who has bought the inventory before.

Because the solution has a single underlying data structure to capture and understand sales channels, rate cards and the products being sold, Photobucket can easily monitor sales performance and maximize the value of their audience and content.

With SAS, says Jay Wilson, Photobucket's Director of Ad Operations, "we have a more holistic ad-serving platform that improves forecasting accuracy and provides the easily accessible and actionable information we need to maximize our online inventory."


Increase profitability through more accurate advertising forecasts and better revenue management


SAS® Intelligent Advertising for Publishers


Understand sales channels, rate cards and products sold; monitor sales performance; maximize value of audience, content

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