Uniting rules engine technology with the world's best analytics.

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Industry-leading analytics combined with business logic and contact strategies to deliver the best real-time recommendations and decisions to your interactive customer channels at every possible touch point.

Offer optimization

Easily integrate the solution with outbound campaign management and other data systems. 

Decision processes

Reduce implementation and deployment time with an intuitive visual interface that lets you easily construct decision processes. 

Data throughput

Ensure high throughput – even in high-volume, 24/7 environments – with server clustering capabilities in a multitier architecture. 

Real-time analytics

Use an array of automated analytic techniques – e.g., customer lifetime value, propensity, attrition and credit risk modeling. 

Campaign testing

Test a variety of different offers using out-of-the-box A/B test nodes. Run campaign simulations to see how decision flows will perform in an operational environment. 

Get more value from your inbound, real-time customer interactions.

SAS Real-Time Decision Manager showing mobile event campaign on desktop monitor

Make the right decisions – automatically.

Deliver highly relevant, interactive offers based on automated analytical techniques, not business presumptions. By combining decision logic – which captures factors fundamental to making the best possible decision about a customer interaction – with powerful analytics, you get much deeper insights from things like customer lifetime value, propensity, attrition and credit risk modeling. No simple rules engine can do that. And you can make even better decisions about inbound communications. 

Choose the best offer, channel and time. Every time.

Make "next best action" an integral part of your marketing strategy. And get much higher response rates than standard outbound batch promotions can provide. Treat every customer as an individual through detailed segmentation, offer eligibility and offer prioritization. With analytical insight, you can answer such questions as: What approach will get the most out of the customer relationship? Is selling more important than retention? Should there be a next best action?

SAS Real-Time Decision Manager showing treatments on desktop monitor
SAS Regulatory Content for IFRS 17 showing geo-triggered SMS on desktop monitor

Make high-quality decisions in high-volume environments.

How high will your customer interaction volume go? Doesn't matter. You can make the best customer decisions exactly when you need to. There's no need to worry about sluggish, nonresponsive computing resources that will delay decisions when volumes are high. Built on a multitier architecture with server clustering capabilities, our solution delivers the scalability and enterprise data throughput to handle high-volume customer interactions. So you can deliver millions of offers via inbound channels – even in high-volume, 24/7 businesses.

Do it yourself. No IT assistance needed.

Not a technical guru? No need to be. You can easily construct and modify the automated decision process – and even incorporate SAS analytical models – without IT assistance. A user-friendly interface lets you design decision processes intuitively rather than through cryptic programming and rules. For example, you can construct processes by dragging and dropping a set of reusable, out-of-the-box tasks. And augment them with reusable custom tasks that reside in your campaign design repository.

SAS Real-Time Decision Manager showing treatment assignment on desktop monitor

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Forrester named SAS a Leader in The Forrester Wave: Real-Time Interaction Management, Q2 2017

Forrester named SAS a Leader in The Forrester Wave: Real-Time Interaction Management, Q2 2017

SAS earned near-perfect marks in this evaluation's decision arbitration category for predictive and real-time analytics, AI and offer optimization. 

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