SAS® Profitability Management

Understand and manage profitability at the most detailed level.

SAS Profitability Management provides accurate cost and profit calculations based on the rule-driven allocation of expenses and revenue down to the individual transaction. By providing insight into profitability factors, the solution helps decision makers focus on opportunities for profitability improvement.



Allocate costs quickly and easily.

SAS Profitability Management allows you to create a robust assignment model in a point-and-click environment quickly and far more accurately than traditional allocation engines. Once the rules are set up, allocation results can be used to more accurately identify clusters of customer behavior as priority segments for improvement.

Speed up budgeting and reporting.

Results can be bulk loaded into departmental budgeting and reporting systems, reducing the budget cycle and enabling a greater level of detail for planning and reporting.

Import models from SAS Activity-Based Management.

By importing models, you can get the sophistication of the SAS Activity-Based Management model with the speed and capabilities of SAS Profitability Management. You’ll have the flexibility to run profit reports daily or weekly. rather than monthly or quarterly, to see exactly how changes in your operating environment affect cost and profit by transaction.



  • Drillable, customizable reporting
  • Individual or multiple behavior assignments
  • Flexible driver rules
  • UI-based rules creation
  • Model build via import
  • Multiple application support
  • Dimension table management

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