SAS Fraud Framework for Government shown on desktop monitor

SAS® Fraud Framework for Government

Détecter et prévenir la fraude, les paiements indus, abus et gaspillages

Une vue complète de la fraude grâce à l’analyse de sources multiples. Une priorisation des alertes provenant de différents systèmes de monitoring. Et une approche analytique qui vous permet de relier entre eux des événements qui ne semblent pas l’être à première vue. SAS propose des solutions capables de détecter la fraude de façon proactive dans les domaines suivants : impôts et taxes, allocations chômage, prestations sociales et la fraude aux achats.

Aujourd'hui, la fraude s'amplifie, elle s'organise et coûte de plus en plus cher aux organismes publics. La méthodologie de SAS s'appuie sur sa solution logicielle ouverte et intégrée qui permet d'optimiser le processus complet de lutte anti-fraude : détection, gestion et prévention de la fraude en assurant la profitabilité de la mise en place du dispositif.


Stop fraud before payments are made.

Our unique, hybrid analytic approach uses multiple techniques – automated business rules, predictive modeling, text mining, exception reporting, network link analysis, etc. – to uncover suspicious behavior and stop fraudulent transactions before they’re completed. Precise targeting dramatically reduces false positives, ensuring that the vast majority of valid transactions continue without delay.

More efficiently use valuable time and resources.

Powerful analytic techniques automatically determine which cases are worth investigating and which ones will result in the best outcome at the lowest cost. And integrated case management capabilities enforce best practices and the proper gathering of evidence, which greatly reduces the cost of investigations.

Uncover organized fraud rings.

Identify linkages among seemingly unrelated individuals, entities and activities using a unique network visualization interface that lets you view and analyze activities and relationships at a network dimension. As a result, you can uncover organized and collusive behaviors that can have a massive impact on losses due to fraud, and gain insight into how behaviors develop and change over time.

Gain a consolidated view of fraud risk.

Outcomes are stored in the system and used to continually improve models so that the system adapts to address constantly changing trends. Social network diagrams and sophisticated data mining capabilities enable a better understanding of new and emerging threats so you can prevent losses early on.

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Uncover Tax Fraud With SAS®


SAS Fraud Framework for Government shown on desktop monitor
  • Data integration and identity resolution. Integrate data from any source – regardless of system or format – to give a comprehensive view of each individual or business.
  • Intuitive interface for all types of users. Gather data from across the enterprise and external sources in a single interface.

  • Hybrid analytics. Our hybrid analytics approach dramatically improves detection rates while minimizing false positives.
  • Remote hosting option. Gain highly secure hosting for your sensitive information – SAS is certified and experienced in handling sensitive medical (HIPAA), financial/personal (PII) and tax (IRS publication 1075) data.
The system analyzes social networks to determine if individuals are likely to commit fraud. Social network analysis also helps identify collusive fraud ring companion cases. The bottom line: more than $6.8 million in savings.
En moyenne 5,59% des dépenses de santé sont perdues chaque année du fait de la fraude ou d’erreurs, soit 180 milliards d’euros à l’échelle mondiale.

Paul Vincke, Managing Director, EHFCN (European Health Fraud and Corruption Network), et Florence Giuliano, EMEA Fraud Strategy Director, SAS, font un état des lieux de la fraude et des mesures de lutte contre ce fléau au sein de l’Europe. Novembre 2014.

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