SAS and Teradata Business Insight Advantage Program

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The SAS and Teradata Business Insight Advantage Program provides an integrated analytics platform for your business processes. This is a comprehensive offering to simplify data management, accelerate analytic data exploration and gain business insights to make effective decisions.

    Business Challenges

    There has never been a greater need for proactive, evidence-based decisions and agile strategies. Exploding data volumes and isolated architectures keep today's powerful business analytics from fulfilling its promise. Overcoming these limitations requires organizations to:

    • Sustain a culture of proactive, evidence-based decisions by eliminating technology barriers.
    • Build a flexible analytic framework to address most critical business issues now and scale as required.
    • Support agile responses to business, IT and regulatory challenges.
    • Eliminate the complexity and cost for decision making by improving data quality and consistency while reducing data movement and latency.
    • Derive greater value from existing technology and information assets, reducing risk and total cost of ownership.

    How the SAS and Teradata Business Insight Advantage Program Can Help

    Unified environment.

    Aligning with IT and business with a unified environment for managing data and applying end-to-end analytics to solve complex business problems.


    Improving performance through integration by using the SAS® Business Analytics Framework, consisting of data integration with data quality, analytics and reporting with the Teradata platform.


    Empowering users to explore all options, determine the appropriate approach, act, evaluate and improve business decisions.