SAS® Anti-money Laundering for Teradata Advantage Program

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The SAS Anti-Money Laundering for Teradata Advantage Program delivers specific in-database processing features, providing a robust risk management approach to anti-money laundering (AML) activities and regulatory compliance with the lowest total cost of ownership.

Business Challenges

  • Detecting and filing potential money-laundering activity in a timely manner.
  • Minimizing the total cost of AML management.
  • Having an AML solution with the scalability to handle growing data volumes, changing regulatory requirements and increasingly sophisticated money-laundering techniques.
  • Improving the quality of money-laundering detection across the enterprise.
  • Integrating data to provide the ability to link cases to customers, accounts, third-party watch lists and internal enterprise data.
  • Implementing effective AML management across the global enterprise.

How the SAS® Anti-Money Laundering for Teradata Advantage Program Can Help

  • Faster, more accurate detection and understanding of money-laundering activities.
    • Monitor more risks with a reduced total run time.
    • Reduce data replication to ensure that results are valid.
  • Enhanced productivity and performance at a reduced cost.
    • Use in-database monitoring to minimize data movement and processing.
    • Process more transactions with fewer false positives and the same number of staff members.
  • Reduced AML implementation time.
  • Combined solution by industry-leading companies with proven track records.
    • Teradata: financial services data warehouses.
    • SAS: more than 100 financial crimes implementations in 28 countries.